May 24, 2020

Our Maternity Photos | Green Bay Maternity Photographer


We are on official baby watch now as I approach 39 weeks. My very, very long list of projects to get done before little man arrives has dwindled, and while I keep finding more things to do, I would be happy for him to come any day. This momma is done being pregnant!

I had hoped to actually have maternity photos taken by someone else, but with being in quarantine, with the help of the tripod for our family, me taking photos of the girls, and Spencer photographing me, I was thrilled with what we got. I’ve learned to keep my expectations extremely low when it comes to photographing my own kids. Some days it works, and some days it doesn’t. They must have known I wasn’t going to get myself dressed up twice, so they cooperated on our first try. With the help of mini marshmallows and goldfish, of course.

If you’re expecting and are debating whether or not to have maternity photos done, my advice is always DO IT. Even if you don’t love the way you look. Your body is doing something amazing, and that is worth celebrating and documenting. And someday, you’ll be glad that you have those photos to look back at. Because someday, I’ve been told, these days will be a distant memory.


Also, I just have to link the dress that I wore. It was absolutely perfect for this – super comfy, flowy enough to hold for posing, and would definitely fit as part of my Style Guide, for any future clients reading this 🙂

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