February 17, 2020

Our Family’s Gender Reveal | Green Bay Family Photographer

We’ve been keeping a little secret here – I am pregnant with baby #3!!

We found out the week that we moved to Green Bay – new state, new job, new house, new baby! Why not all the things at once?! I am due on June 3, and we are thrilled to have a true, born-in-Green-Bay, Packers fan baby!

I am always so hesitant to make public announcements with pregnancies, as I know so many are grieving a loss, suffering through infertility, longing to be parents. After having ovarian cysts rupture when I was 16, we were unsure of whether I would be able to have children biologically. The Lord has been incredibly gracious to us, and we are so grateful to be welcoming this third baby in June, Lord willing.

But please know, if you are one who receives pregnancy announcements with a conflicted heart, with sadness, or even anger – I have so much respect and compassion and am praying for you. I mean that.

While these photos may not be lit perfectly or styled perfectly, I will love them forever – my girls, my first two babies, finding out whether they’ll have a brother or sister! And so, I wanted to share them with you, too!

balloons in box gender reveal green bay wi
balloons in box gender reveal green bay wi
balloons in box gender reveal green bay wi

And…’s a boy!!! This has been my easiest pregnancy, as my morning sickness was less intense and didn’t last as long, so we had a hunch that maybe it was a boy.

Elizabeth was really hoping for another sister but has come around to the idea. It has been a delight to watch her joy and excitement – she loves to kiss the baby, sing and talk to him, and talk about getting to hold him once he is here.

We are excited to add this babe to the family, and don’t worry – I will continue to photograph weddings, families, and newborns in the Green Bay area except for a maternity leave this summer!

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